Bring your mat and get ready for sun, sea, sand, and yoga!

Meet Jana!

She'll be guiding you through four weeks of yoga.

Every week, we will lead you in the mornings to start the day through breathing and stretching. Then, you'll power up and feel alive with some work for cardio and core. Finally, you'll tap into your senses for clarity and peace with meditation.

Class Details:

Every week in July, starting July 6th.

Tuesday to Friday from 7:10am NST.

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*Only registered participants can attend the July Challenge.

Week 1: Fire and Water

As we head into the summer season, the temperatures rise and our water intake becomes even more important. Topics of focus this week include water intake and healthy digestion. This week we will fire up our bodies with a strong practice and flow with the rhythm of the ocean waves.

Week 2: Twist and Release

This week we build on healthy digestion with the introduction of twists into our practice. We will focus on the structure and function of the spine, setting small goals for health and wellness as we reflect on our daily habits.

Week 3: Happy Hips!

Time to give some love to you hips this week. We will explore current mobility and possible challenges we experience with our hips. Bringing ease to this area of the body with deep stretch for common hip struggles.

Week 4: Sweet Surrender.

Our theme this week is mindfulness and we will be exploring sleep patterns, with a focus on relaxation and meditation. This week we will take time to connect with and integrate all of the benefits of the first three weeks as we celebrate our successes and surrender the rest.

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